Puzzle game that will put you in a spin

If you're a fan of logic puzzles, then Lubaja is sure to get your head spinning. View full description


  • Three challenging game modes
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Basic graphics
  • Downloads ads

Not bad

If you're a fan of logic puzzles, then Lubaja is sure to get your head spinning.

The object of Lubaja is to fill the missing elements into the rotating circle before the time runs out. You do this by using the directional buttons or number keys to shift the pieces from the center to the corresponding space on the outside of the spinning wheel.

There are three different game modes in Lubaja. The first, Match It, tests your powers of pattern recognition. The circle is filled with parts that are arranged in a certain pattern, and your job is to put your pieces into the right place to complete the pattern and clear the board. The second mode, Clear It, sees you try to match three or more of the same element in a row in order to clear the board. The final option, Shoot Out, requires you to get a direct hit on each of the revolving pieces (provided it has the same design as your piece) in order to remove them.

Lubaja is quite captivating but it can be devilishly difficult after the first few level, especially in Clear It mode. An online high scores board keeps the challenge alive, as you fight to become the best Lubaja player in the World.

On the downside, the graphics in Lubaja aren't very impressive and you should be warned that the game is ad-supported. This means that it will use your phone's Internet connection to download adverts every time you play.

On the whole, Lubaja is an original and fun brain-bender let down slightly by its poor presentation.